STUDIO1: 6/2 McCauley St, Thirroul NSW Australia 2515 Call 02 4268 3247

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  • circus


    We are extremely excited to announce that next year we will be introducing a new and exciting class into our curriculum "Dance Cirque"

  • ballet


    Fun yet structured ballet lessons taught in the Cecchetti Method, designed to develop correct posture and body alignment.

  • contemporary


    With classes to suit a variety of ages, we offer a fusion of classical ballet and creative dance.

  • jazz


    Develop a strong foundation in jazz technique as well as learning popular hip-hop moves.

  • tap


    With individual attention to each class, we teach the Glenn Wood Syllabus which focuses on rhythm and beat.

  • Musical Theatre

    Musical Theatre

    Our classes focus on both singing and dance techniques in the one fun and engaging lesson.

  • Tumbling


    Learn to perform handstands, cartwheels, forward rolls and more in our fun, fast paced classes.

  • Mini Moves

    Mini Moves

    Mini Moves is a fun introduction to the world of dance, movement and expression.

  • Kick Turn Leap

    Kick Turn Leap

    Lessons designed for dedicated students wishing to focus on technical elements of their training.

  • Talent Program

    Talent Program

    By invitation only, our talent program is for those who exhibit exceptional performance potential.

  • Private Lessons

    Private Lessons

    Prefer one on one coaching? Our private dance lessons are personalised to suit your needs.