Classical Ballet – Cecchetti Method

  • Fun yet structured ballet lessons designed to develop correct posture and body alignment
  • Classes follow a set syllabus of work for each grade
  • Class allocation is based on both age and ability
  • This class may count as your second weekly ballet class should you wish to prepare for an examination


Young Ballerina Program – Cecchetti Method

  • For young ballerinas with a passion for classical ballet
  • Specialist instruction in The Cecchetti Method of classical ballet
  • Classes for young dancers who show a potential in, and dedication for, classical ballet
  • These classes are compulsory for students wishing to participate in exams
  • Class allocation is based on ability

Pointe & Pre-Pointe

  • These classes are for committed Classical Ballet students who have developed and refined the skills required to safely support themselves dancing en pointe
  • Class placement is by invitation only
  • Pre-Pointe and Pointe classes must be attended in conjunction with at least one other weekly ballet lesson